Mashed potato, avocado, mayonnaise... there's some strange stuff going into chocolate cakes these days

Thought chocolate cake was just eggs, butter, sugar and cocoa? Sorry, but no. 


We've found some super-weird combos that actually make chocolate cake even better. You're welcome! 


1. Beetroot

We're all pretty accustomed to beets in our choccie cake now, but it is still a bit weird. But with one bite of this chocolately, fudgy, pink creation, you'll get why this combo is here to stay.

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2. Coconut

When did coconut become so trendy? It seems we can't move for claims about its water, oil, milk and flesh and now it's found its way into our childhood classic – with providential results we daresay.

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3. Chilli

To all us Dairy-Milkers, the idea of putting chilli in a chocolate cake just seems a bit unnecessary. But the Aztecs (who were the first to enjoy chocolate) loved a chilli hit and with this particular bad boy, you've got three tiers to get used to the idea... that's a lorra lorra cake! 

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4. Greek yogurt

Saucy stuff. The unusual addition of Greek yogurt to this choccie cake makes it extra moist and fudgy. Plus the fact it's got yogurt in it, along with a touch of instant espresso powder, means you can legitimately have it for breakfast... right?

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5. Rosemary

Rosemary. Perfect with roast lamb, Sunday spuds and maybe, if you're adventurous, a cocktail (it makes a handy stirrer). But in a chocolate cake? How very Heston.

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6. Avocado

Ah, the avocado. Its starry rise to fame has seen this bulbous beauty reinvent itself more times than Kylie. And it's coming to a chocolate cake near you...

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7. Potato

Whoever's responsible for this, mashed potato apparently is the secret ingredient to a moist chocolate sponge. Even Delia says so... 

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8. Mayonnaise

Nooooo, you say. And quite right too. Mayo's for chips, egg sarnies and fish fingers, right? But this chocolate cake's a bit too easy on the eye to dismiss out of hand. Perhaps, just perhaps, it's worth a try.

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9. Black bean

OK, hang on to your hats, people. Things are about to get even weirder. What looks like an innocent chocolate traybake is actually a bit of a dark horse. There are black beans in there. No, honestly.

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10. Cherry Coke

Remember Cherry Coke? Remember doing this with it? What d'ya mean, no? And we thought a prawn cocktail was retro. 

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11. Sauerkraut

No this isn't some kind of German conspiracy. The sauerkraut cake actually harks backs to 1960s America when there was a need to use up tinned sauerkraut, apparently. This cake is probably set to make a return to popularity with the current trend for all things pickled... it's gut for the gut, you see. 

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12. Thai green curry

And the finale? How about a bit of curry? No, we're not joking. This chocolate cake's made with curry paste, lime leaves and bird's eye chillies. Our baking brain just exploded – how very messy.

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