Find it hard to eat breakfast in the morning? Treat yourself to a wee slice of 'breakfast cake' to dunk in your morning brew

Move over porridge, we're all about this banana, pecan and fig baked oatmeal cake

We know it sounds too good to be true, but with these recipes you can legitimately start the day off with cake!


We like the sound of that. Oh yes, we do …


1. Wholewheat strawberry banana muffins

You know what they say: a muffin a day keeps the doctor away … and these fruity bakes were just made for morning munching.


2. Blueberry breakfast cake

Finding it tough to get the kids to eat breakfast? One waft of this freshly baked breakfast bundt cake and it'll be gone faster than you can say 'Cheerio'.

Blueberry breakfast cake



3. Milk, tea and honey pound cake

With all the ingredients of your morning cuppa, there's no better cake for breakfast than this. And, you've guessed it, it goes great with a real brew too.


4. One-minute coffee mug cake 

When a breakfast smoothie just doesn't hit the spot, try this warm, buttery coffee cake – ready in 60 seconds! Yes, it'll probably be gone in 60 seconds too.


5. Raspberry and apple breakfast slice

These finger cakes are gorgeously fruity and come topped with oat streusel for extra crunch. Hide the tin or come the morning you may be disappointed!


6. Nutty topped banana bread

This banana loaf is just crying out to be sliced, toasted and eaten for breakfast. Top with crushed cornflakes instead of walnuts to make it even more breakfasty.

Nutty topped banana bread

Photo: Homemade


7. Weetabix cake

No, we're not joking. Made with crushed Weetabix and dried fruit, this is just one of the many things you didn't know you could do with Weetabix!


8. Blueberry granola cake

We're sure you're getting the gist by now, but cereal is just better in cake, OK?


9. Green tea brownies 

And green tea is no different! Try it baked into these brownies (or shall we say 'greenies'!) along with white chocolate chips and almond slices. Delish.


10. Apple and raspberry croissant cake

A genuine French recipe for a genuine croissant cake – need we say more? For this revelation all you need is six ready-made croissants, fresh fruits and a few other basic ingredients … oh, and a hearty appetite.


11. Orange juice pound cake

There is another way to get your daily dose of vitamin C. Mix orange juice and zest into a basic cake batter, then once your cake is baked poke holes in the top and drizzle with orange juice glaze. Move over lemon drizzle.


12. Chai muffins

Better think twice about that morning chai latte because a fluffy, spiced muffin is all you need. Make them the night before to save the morning faff, then take the rest into work and earn yourself some baking points.


13. Raspberry swirl and Greek yogurt cake

This jam-packed cake puts traditional breakfast items to a new use. Trust us, everyone will want a piece of this – it must be the ripple effect


14. Banana, pecan and fig baked oatmeal cake

You can't deny this oatmeal bake is easier on the eye than a plain ol' bowl of porridge. And rolled oats, banana, pecans and figs make a yummy, warming combo.


15. Peanut butter and jam banana cake

Whether you love it or you hate it, the peanut butter and jam mix has sparked a lively debate. And if it works for you on morning toast, we wholeheartedly recommend this recipe.