Are vegetables taking the crisp? #eatclean has finally peaked and the movement's followers are now making super green snacks from broccoli

Broccoli crisps

Photo: PR

Crisps are a wondrous creation, on that we can all agree. Slithers of spud seasoned and fried until ... oh we're salivating already. Now, it looks like the #eatclean crew have got their hands on the snack and made it … kind of healthier.


How? Well, we've been seeing the rise of vegetable crisps – you know, the earthy beetroot, parsnip, sweet potato ones – for a while now. And then came the ubiquitous kale chips and even the leaf that surely no-one would bother crisped up: spinach.


And now … ta-dah! We can add broccoli crisps to that list. So what’s the deal? Do they taste like they’ve had 80% of the fun removed, too?

Broccoli crisps

Photo: PR


Actually, they’re pretty tasty, they keep the cool shape of the little broccoli florets, and they're sometimes vacuum fried. The people at The Giving Tree, who first cooked up these Frankencrisps, explain, "Vacuum frying is a process of putting food into a machine that pressurises and cooks it with the use of hot oil, but at much lower temperatures than traditional frying methods. Putting the process in a vacuum lowers the evaporation point of water. Food can fry at lower temperatures, absorbing less oil."

Ahh, now we get it. 


According to a YouGov study, a third of kids eat crisps daily and 40% of adults eat crisps at lunchtime, so in a roundabout way, it might make snacking a little greener for everyone. And makers of other veggie crisps believe that it's allowing cooks and chefs to create more interesting dishes in the kitchen, too.


Claire Brumby of Scrubby's Crisps told BBC2's Dragons Den: "With our crisps, we're getting chefs who are using them in recipes as well, such as a crust on a salmon bake or using them as croutons in soups."


Or a crisp sandwich? Maybe not. 


If you're inspired to crisp up some vegetables or even some fruit, here's three of the quirkiest crisp recipes around:


1. Salt and vinegar courgette crisps


Thought life was too short to crisp a courgette? It probably is, but why not give this under-loved veg a makeover into a tasty snackette, anyway?


2. Smoky parsnip crisps

Be gone, soggy root veg of Sunday roasts. These little beauties are transformed by turning them into crisps and are more moreish than your mum's roast potatoes, too.


3. Apple crisps 

The ultimate in fruit snacking: heat freaks can sprinkle a little chilli on them to fire them up.

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