Going to an organised fireworks display? Grab your warming treats and take them with you to keep you going until the last banger has gone off!

Want to find your local event?

We think it's worth checking the websites early as the shows can start from mid October onwards.

There are plenty of local events each year and finding yours is easy.

Live in London? Find out where and when the events are taking place.

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Family with sparkers

All aboard for a fireworks show.

Fancy hopping on a train that is heading to a firework show? Your local railway station may have information about organised trips to shows in your area. 

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Bonfire Night

Keep safe on the night

If you are involved in the planning of a big Bonfire Night event, it's well worth printing off a guide for everyone to see. I like this totally child friendly guide. And this info from Rospa says it all too.

If you're building a bonfire, check the official government guidelines.

Always follow the Firework Code if you're planning on having a fireworks display in your garden.

Bonfire Night is great fun for families, but the loud bangs and flashing lights can upset your pets. Keep them safe and happy by following advice from Battersea Dogs and Cats Home.

4 travel handy tips

It’s no surprise that the cold, dark evening means that when outside, you need to keep things as simple as possible. 

  1. Portion up your eats and then wrap individually for easy hand outs.
  2. Take plenty of wipes or even dampened squares of kitchen paper will do.
  3. Double up on the bin bags:  use as a ground sheet to sit on whilst munching and then it becomes you rubbish carry out bag...
  4. Choose to take a few ’dry’ recipes with you and keep the messy ones to just one or two:


Here are more great Bonfire Night ideas for you to try.