Easy to carry out to where ever you are spending Bonfire Night.

1. Pork and apple sausage rolls

Crisp, flaky pastry and full of savoury flavour, these are just the best ever sausage rolls. And if you can take them out with you whilst warm, even better.

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2. Chocolate brownies

This is a classic.  The crispy crust and soft chewy centre is completely irresistable. If you can make a batch and they don't get snaffled before the Bonfire Night has started that will be a result!

3. Bonfire Night toffee apples

Crunchy, sweet and easy to hold. Toffee apples are the best on Bonfire Night. Make them up in the morning and leave them to set on squares of  greaseproof paper.

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4. Mini egg rocky road bites

Forget the oven...this is a no bake cake! Sweet sticky and totally easy to make. Cut a square and pass them round.

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5. Cornish Pasties

Forget the traditional recipe with sweet one side and savoury in the other. Our pasties are packed with meat and veg with a peppery spice. Delicious.

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