Cook some great bakes for this Bonfire Night. Here’s ten recipes we think are well worth getting the bowls, spoons and whisks out for.

1. Bonfire Night cake

 This is a real show off cake!  And why not? It's brilliantly clever and easier to make than you think.

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2. Marshmallow chocolate tray bake

This one is pretty gooey!  A rich chocolate cake with a the sweetest of mallow toppings.

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3. Walnut topped carrot cake

Move over Bugs Bunny, 'cos we've pinched the carrots for this moist, sweet cake. I love the crunch from the nuts.

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4. Toffee apple pear strudel

No having to make your filo pastry with this recipe!  A simple fill, roll and bake to make a lovely crisp fruity bake... It's just great with cream.

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5. Gooey choc brownies

This is the classic recipe, but you can add some nuts to give your batch added crunch.

6. Blueberry oaty cookies

These are a sinch to make, crisp with soft sweet centres and a burst of fresh blueberries.

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7. Cranberry, orange meringue cake

It may be meant for Christmas, but it deserves numerous outings! So go for the meringue stack. Make the meringues in advance and then finish on the night. 

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8. Mini sausage pies

Little bites of savoury brilliance... a crispy handy snack that is great to have at an outdoor party.

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9. Chocolate orange freezer cookies

These are brilliant to make ahead and as the name says, they are great to freeze.

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10. Little spinach & egg calzone

These neat little bites are great served warm... so wrap in foil for a handy fireside munch.

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Want to sort out your Bonfire night look no further.