You just can’t beet it when it comes to versatility

Whether fresh, pickled or vacuum packed, beetroot adds a rich earthiness to an abundance of sweet and savoury recipes. It also infuses almost every dish with a vivid ruby hue.


Bake it into brownies, stir it into mash and blitz it into soup – beetroot is your new BFF... 


Beetroot and feta fritters

These pretty purple patties make a delicious veggie main.


Veal meatballs with herby beetroot couscous

No, that isn’t really couscous. It’s beetroot sporting a cunning disguise.


Beetroot, goat’s cheese and hazelnut galettes

Beetroot brightens up these bite-size snacks, perfect for parties.


Beetroot soufflé with horseradish and lemon crème fraîche

This gorgeous soufflé will be a real showstopper at dinner parties.


Beetroot curry

Beetroot curry

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Sweet, earthy beetroot balances perfectly with the spices in this seriously impressive curry.


Beetroot soup

This take on classic Eastern European soup borscht has an extra kick of horseradish.


Beetroot risotto with goat’s cheese

Risotto goes from beige to bright with grated beetroot.


Beetroot and sultana muffins

Each of these marvellous muffins provides one of your five a day. Hurrah!


Hot smoked salmon and roasted beetroot salad

This lovely light supper bursts with the vivid colours of red and golden beets.


Blueberry burst smoothie

Beetroot balances out the sweetness of blueberries in this ruby smoothie.