A good-for-you veg that can legitimately be used like bread soldiers for your dippy egg? We’re in

Image: 9 ways to celebrate your love of asparagus

Via:  Sainsbury's

Of all the greens in the fridge, asparagus is the posh one. When they all go out for dinner – the asparagus, the frozen peas, the salad leaves, the broccoli – asparagus is in charge of ordering from the wine menu. Fact. 


But that’s no reason to shy away from those lush green stalks, especially during spring and summer when it happens to be at its very best. Asparagus is super versatile and perfectly at home on a breakfast, lunch or dinner plate. It’s an absolute dream to cook too, happy to be tossed on to the griddle pan with salmon, shoved in the oven with some stonking stilton tarts or simply steamed to top off a gorgeous summer salad. Easy. Quick. We love it.


Pop some in your basket and check out these nine glorious ways to eat it... 


1. Asparagus with spinach smoked salmon, poached egg and hollandaise

Oh, this? It’s just a simple restaurant-style, super on-trend brunch, made at home and scoffed in the comfort of your PJs and Sunday morning telly. No big deal. *Lies, it is SUCH a big deal* 


2. Asparagus, pine nut and parmesan tarts

asparagus, pine nut and parmesan tart

Via:  Sainsbury's

It's tempting to just buy garden party-style tarts when you’ve got everyone coming over, but this beauty's totally worth it – we promise. Plus, this recipe uses ready-rolled pastry, because you’re no fool. Spend the extra time working on perfecting your Pimm’s making. 


3. Grilled asparagus with chilli feta

A lovely little vegetarian option – crunchy stonebaked ciabatta with soft, crumbled feta and the main man itself, charred asparagus. Top with some sun-blushed toms and a bit of chilli and you’ve got yourself a cracking speedy summer dinner.


4. Cheesy ham and asparagus stratas

These stratas are a cross between savoury muffins and a frittata. Perfect for brunch or lunch, these eggy babies are crammed with cheddar, honey roast ham and chopped asparagus. Make more than you think you'll need. Trust us. 


5. Lighter fish and chips

Obviously fish and chips is king, but if you’re looking for a lighter option this recipe is genuinely lovely too – crispy coated seabass with sweet spud fries and loads of gorgeous in-season asparagus instead of mushy peas. Serve with a chilled glass of white and a sea view.


6. Asparagus and halloumi Mediterranean zesty salad

asparagus and halloumi mediterranean zesty salad

Via:  Sainsbury's

Want to beef up a salad without having to go near actual beef? Asparagus is your answer. Check out this halloumi salad with asparagus, cucumber, cress – all the greens, basically. You’re going to heart it. Promise. 


7. Tuna niçoise pasta salad

tuna nicoise pasta salad

Via:  Sainsbury's

How do you make tuna pasta less of a wintery night in under a blanket dish and more of a garden party treat? Whack some asparagus in it. This recipe tastes great hot or cold, which means you must absolutely make enough for leftovers for your lunch tomorrow. Sorted. 


8. Spring vegetable pizza

Pile on the veggies and get everyone over for a pizza party. Or just have your own – no judgement here, people. You’ll use a ready-made pizza base, obviously. 


9. LA-style all-green salad

For the days when you fancy a big old bowl of the green stuff, there’s this mega salad. Broccoli, asparagus, lemon, cumin, avo, lentils, watercress – it’s more a recipe for summertime smugness than a culinary dish. Dig in. Feel good.