Your favourite roast dinner is anything but paltry when it comes to leftovers. Look beyond broth and sandwiches with these ideas

Got loads left over from your Sunday lunch? Never fear: with these recipes, you can make that chicken work far harder than a leftover sandwich...


1. Caesar salad

The addition of shredded roast chicken makes this classic salad satisfying enough for suppertime.


2. Moroccan-style chicken soup

Use tangy harissa spices and chickpeas for a twist on the usual roast chicken soup.


3. Roast chicken, squash and leek filo pie

Ready-rolled filo pastry means this impressive pie is deceptively easy to make.


4. Pesto chicken pasta

Transform leftover roast chicken into this simple pasta dish, packed with Mediterranean flavours.


5. Thai chicken curry

Coconut milk and Thai red curry paste make the Sunday roast a distant memory.


6. Spinach, chicken and ham pies

Use leftover roast meat in these handheld patties – perfect for lunch boxes or a more-ish party snack.


7. Chicken and prawn paella

Substitute leftover roast meat for the chicken breast in this paella recipe.


8. Mexican chicken wraps

Think beyond standard sarnies. With creamy guacamole, rocket and tomatoes, these colourful wraps will brighten up lunchtime.


9. Chilli chicken slaw

Chicken slaw

Via: Sainsbury's Magazine/Photo: Jonathan Lovekin

This zesty winter slaw will work wonderfully with roast chicken for a fresh take on leftovers.