Not sure what to serve up for afters this Christmas? These high-impact desserts will be the star of the show


1. Almond and clementine cake

With festive candied clementine, this is a great alternative to standard fruit cake – and looks unbelievable too. Get the recipe for almond and clementine cake.


2. Homemade Viennetta

The perfect nostalgic dessert. You can use ready-made ice cream if you want a quicker result – it's still look just as impressive. Get the recipe for homemade viennetta.


3. Mulled wine cheesecake

Mulled wine and cheesecake – two Christmas staples that are a match made in heaven. Get the recipe for mulled wine cheesecake.


4. Christmas cake baked Alaska

This combination of a classic Christmas cake and a frosty baked Alaska gives you two desserts in one. Two delicious desserts, at that. Get the recipe for Christmas cake baked Alaska.


5. Pretty little pots

Desserts served in posh glasses are a dinner party winner – and these chocolate mousse pots are really simple to make too. Get the recipe for pretty little pots.


6. Gin and tonic brushstroke cake

If cooking Christmas dinner isn't enough to keep you busy, take on the latest Instagram food trend with this special celebration cake. Get the recipe for gin and tonic brushstroke cake


7. Spiced Christmas meringue wreath

Meringue and winter berries are fused with delicious, indulgent whipped cream – all arranged in a festive wreath shape. It’s hard to get more Christmassy than this. Get the recipe for spiced Christmas meringue wreath.


8. Baked chocolate and clementine cheesecake

The flavours of orange and chocolate have gone together hand-in-hand since the dawn of time. And with orange slices placed on top, your guests will be sold before they’ve even taken a bite. Get the recipe for baked chocolate and clementine cheesecake.


9. Chocolate profiterole Christmas puddings

What's better than a plate full of Christmas puddings? Chocolate profiterole Christmas puddings. And yes, you can have more than one. Get the recipe for Chocolate profiterole Christmas puddings.

Pomegranate Pavlova

Via: Sainsbury's Magazine/Photo: Martin Poole