Mastered the classic crepe? Then make your pancake batter even better with these 9 secret ingredients

It’s not every day we get to eat pancakes. So when Pancake Day comes around, it's time to make something truly awesome. 


And with these secret ingredients, it’s easy to get perfect pancakes every time...


1. Cottage cheese

Looking for a skinny option? These super-soft cottage cheese pancakes are healthy enough to eat for an everyday breakfast, but still taste like a proper treat.​


2. Coconut flour

For a taste of the tropics, use coconut flour, agave syrup and banana to create this decadent gluten-free pancake stack. A squeeze of lime over the top will make it really zing.


3. Cinnamon

Whisk a pinch of cinnamon into your pancake batter for a sweet and warming twist on the original. The cinnamon gently toasts as the pancake cooks, filling your kitchen with fragrant spices. Fold your pancakes into pouches and fill with slices of apple pan-fried in butter. Lush.


4. Buttermilk

Buttermilk might seem like an old-fashioned ingredient, but it's pretty wondrous when it comes to fluffy pancake recipes. Whip buttermilk into your batter instead of milk and your pancakes will take on a delicious tang and cloud-like fluffiness, as the acidity of the buttermilk reacts with the baking powder to create a lighter texture. 


5. Vinegar

Add 1 tbsp white wine vinegar to this classic American pancake recipe to make your batter lighter. Like buttermilk in the recipe above, vinegar reacts with the baking powder to create extra air bubbles – which means fluffier pancakes to catch a drizzle of maple syrup.


6. Chilli

Life has never been the same since we discovered the magical union of chilli and chocolate. And now we get to bring chocolate chilli pancakes into the mix! Leave the fresh chilli to infuse in the batter for longer, if you like your hot cakes really hot.


7. Spinach

Use a low heat when cooking these vibrant spinach pancakes to keep the green colour of the batter, and stack into a sandwich layered with houmous and tomato for an oh-so-virtuous Pancake Day treat. 


8. Ricotta

Ricotta pancakes

Via: Sainsbury's Magazine/Photo: Martin Poole

Love cheese? Love pancakes? Then you're in the right place. These are much more hearty than your average pancake – though that doesn't mean you have to make any less.


9. Raspberries

We’ve all eaten raspberry ripple ice cream. But how about pancakes rippled with raspberry purée? Just top with even more berries, luscious crème fraîche and crunchy honeyed oats. We thought that would get your attention.