Turns out honeycomb and chocolate lend themselves pretty well to these dishes and delights


1. Raspberry ripple and milk chocolate Crunchie cheesecake

Proving that with the addition of raspberries, we can fool ourselves into believing a cheesecake is healthy. Honest, governor.


2. Chocolate Crunchie tiffin

These no-bake cakelets look like they've been flecked with gold. Just two of the reasons they're getting our vote. 


3. Crunchie macarons

Taking the delicate macaron to heady new heights – step forward the Crunchie. 


4. Chocolate birthday cake

It doesn't have to be someone's birthday to make this. Go on, treat yourself.


5. Honeycomb Crunchie no-bake cheesecake

Ah, those wondrous words: no-bake cheesecake. Prepare, sit back and devour. 


6. Chocolate baked doughnuts

Soft-baked doughnuts, a silky glaze and smashed Crunchie galore. Excuse us, we may be silent for some time. 


7. Caramel crunch brownie

We call this confection 'three for the price of one': brownie base, Rice Krispie middle and dense chocolate Crunchie topping. Well, three is the magic number. 


8. Marmite and salted caramel cake

A round of applause please, and top points for this brilliantly bonkers ‘love it or hate it’ Marmite bundt.