Want meat-free and lower carb dinners? Well, it's never been easier

Hands up who fancies some lower carb vegetarian dishes? Us too. And in the spirit of eating well, we've found you some delicious dinners that tick both those foodie boxes. 


These super-tasty dishes replace traditional rice, pasta and breads with new generation veggie alternatives like butternut squash lasagne sheets.


You can make your own if you have a spiraliser lurking in the kitchen cupboard, or make it super-easy on yourself and stock up on Sainsbury’s range of pre-prepared carb alternatives, including sweet potato lasagne sheets, courgetti (courgette spaghetti) and butternut squash noodles, or boodles. Now if that doesn't say easy-peasy, we're not sure what does. Eh?


Try these beauts for inspiration.


1. Veggie polpette with courgette spaghetti

Spaghetti ‘n’ meatballs gets a tasty pasta-free, veggie makeover.


2. Cauliflower fried rice

Clever cauli shows off its impressive rice impersonation in this takeaway favourite with a twist.


3. Spinach and ricotta lasagne with courgette pasta

Courgette is a vegetable of many, many layers. Including the usual pasta layer in this lovely lasagne. 


4. Butternut boodles stir-fry

We could eat oodles of these beautiful boodles, which can be bought ready-made from Sainsbury’s. An extra element of veg and lower in carbs.


5. Porcini and green lentil bolognese with courgetti

Yep, it’s that courgetti again. Make it your go-to base whenever you fancy your fave pasta dishes without piling on the carbs.


6. Satay vegetable noodles with grilled aubergine

Use ready-prepared butternut squash noodles and courgetti for this speedy, satisfying supper.


7. Slow cooker caponata

Packed with sunny Mediterranean flavours, this classic Italian dish works wonderfully with bread or pasta, of course. But for a lower-carb version, spoon over quinoa or eat with rich greens like kale and spinach.


8. Beetroot rice salad with goat’s cheese

Vivid pink beetroot ‘rice’ that’s lower in carbs. Beet that.