Take your pick from these devilish Halloween recipes guaranteed to give you the heebie-jeebies

Looking to make this year's Halloween party your best yet? These recipes take scary to a whole new level ...


1. Swamp pasta and severed fingers

A super-simple and quick dish to prepare of pesto pasta and (severed) hot dog fingers.


2. Zombie brain jellies

Ever watched The Walking Dead and wondered what brains taste like? Nothing like these sweet fruit-filled jellies we hope.


3. Bowl of worms

Wriggling, writhing and really, really worth it – jelly worms will make even the most hardened Halloweener recoil in terror.


Spoiler alert: you make them by pouring jelly mix through straws. Nifty, eh?

Jelly worms

Via: Homemade


4. Stuffed cockroaches

Nasty but nice. Stuff dates with cream cheese and walnuts then decorate the bowl with a plastic roach or two to really freak out your Halloween guests.


5. Wolverine brownies

Your favourite gooey brownies topped off with a bloody layer of cooked strawberries and vanilla buttercream. Chill, then use the tip of a spoon to slash through to the strawberry layer, Wolverine-style.


6. Creepy coconut panna cotta eyeball

If you’re looking for a sweet treat to end your Halloween feast, you can’t go far wrong with this eye-opening fruity number.


7. Vampire caramel apples

Watch out. These saber-toothed apples might just bite back.



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