Quick and easy recipes for the perfect family outing

Image: Snacks

Sometimes you just don’t want to have to slave over the hob or the oven to make something tasty. Instead, we’ve created seven easy-peasy recipes that don’t require any cooking and are perfect to take with you on a busy summer day on the go.


1. Peanut butter crisp balls

These peanut butter balls will make a light and filling mid-morning snack before lunchtime. 

2. Red pepper houmous

A perfect snack to have to hand, the kids can enjoy this delicious houmous with crudités while frolicking in the park this summer. 


3. Falafel salad pittas

This Middle Eastern-inspired recipe is a great alternative to a standard sandwich and will be perfect to make for the whole gang at your next picnic.


4. Homemade trail mix and choc rice crackers

The kids will love the salty sweet mix of this delicious, homemade trail mix.


5. Red and green picnic wraps

When you’re taking a packed lunch for the whole family, it’s always good to offer a bit of variety. These flavour-filled wraps are sure to please.


6. Celery dippers

These easy celery dippers with either soft cheese, peanut butter or houmous, can be made quickly and taken as a snack when you’re on the go. 


7. Coconut ice

Enjoy a piece of delicious coconut ice with your afternoon coffee takeaway.