Warming, filling and totally award winning! Potatoes are the order of the day

Image: 7 deliciously simple potato recipes

They’re an everyday staple, so it’s easy to forget just how versatile potatoes can be. From soups, starters and sides, right through to the main course, these great recipes really make the most out of the humble spud.


1. Potato dauphinoise

This creamy, garlicky bake looks impressive, but is actually really simple to make. Topped with cheese to form a deliciously savoury crust, our recipe makes the perfect side dish to serve with a Sunday roast, or for a special occasion to impress guests.


2. Pizza baked potatoes

Combine all the flavours of a classic pizza with the comforting satisfaction of a good old-fashioned baked potato. Tomatoes, peppers and dried herbs form the base of the sauce, with mozzarella cheese added for an authentic pizza finishing touch.


3. Potato salad with goats’ cheese

Baby potatoes are ideal for making salads – keep the skins on for maximum flavour. The creamy saltiness of the goats’ cheese gives this one plenty of punch, while spring onions, beans and red onion make it much more substantial.


4. Mini Thai-style fish cakes

Fish cakes are a crowd-pleaser – there’s just something irresistible about the combination of fluffy mashed potatoes and flakes of succulent fish. These ones use cod, plus our ready-prepared Thai flavour base and fresh coriander for intense Oriental flavour.


5. Rosti with smoked mackerel salad

These potato pancakes are so versatile – you can team them with all sorts of things, from crispy bacon and a fried egg, to sautéed mushrooms. In this recipe, they’re paired with a fresh-tasting – and very simple – smoked mackerel and watercress salad.


6. Sausage & potato bake

When you’re in need of comfort food, a hearty bake is the perfect solution. This one is packed with flavour and teams pork sausages with cubes of carrots and baking potatoes, baked in the oven until everything is nicely caramelised.


7. Leek & potato soup

Potato makes a great soup ingredient that goes so well with lots of other flavours. One classic combination – potato and leek – makes for a really hearty, warming dish. Top it with some chopped fresh herbs, and crispy fried bacon for an extra treat.


Perfect potatoes

For advice on whether to reach for the a Maris Piper or Jersey Royal when rustling up these recipes, make sure you know your potatoes beforehand.