Gorgeous vegan recipes and delicious meals that prove vegan food isn't just seeds and soya

Get ready to see a lot of this face. The double take, the sound of total surprise, the disbelief: "It's vegan?"


Too often we think vegan is all about a handful of flax seed and a sad carrot. Vegan recipes are boring, right?


Not these recipes. These recipes are all about colour and flavour and melt-in-the-mouth goodness that'll have everyone demanding you admit the truth. We present some amazing-looking, and even better-tasting, recipes that you won't believe are vegan. 


1. Peanut butter cheesecakes

This gooey, gorgeous chocolate mess looks completely decadent, but it's dairy-free and nowhere near as naughty as it seems.


2. Houmous wraps

A filling but oh-so-fresh and healthy wrap. Full of colour, flavour, texture and surprisingly good for you – plus they're super-quick to make.


3. Avocado pasta

Who knew avocados could make such a rich and creamy pasta sauce? This one is so easy to make – just throw all the ingredients into the blender and you're halfway there.


4. Chocolate chip cookie dough

Being vegan doesn't mean the end of eating cookie dough straight out of the bowl. This recipe is so easy, with no baking required. Serve warm and drizzled with hot fudge sauce.


5. Cauliflower mac and 'cheese'

It's the nutritional yeast in this one that gives it its wonderful cheesy flavour, while the blended cauliflower brings in the creamy texture of this wintery favourite. See if anyone even notices it's not really cheese in there.


6. Thai sweet potato veggie burgers

This has a sweet potato and chickpea base, with ginger, basil and even crushed peanuts coming to join the party.


Via: ohsheglows.com/Photo: Angela Liddon


7. Peanut butter cup pie

How could a name like that not taste just wonderful? This dessert looks amazing, it's easy to make, and no one is going to believe it's vegan when it comes to the table.