Straight from the tub is great, but there are loads more ways to serve your favourite dessert. We came up with a new way to serve ice cream and challenged 5 top food bloggers to do the same. And here’s the result – ice cream, but not as you know it!

Image: 6 surprising ways to serve ice cream


1. Summer ice cream cake

Our spectacular ice cream cake takes minimal effort. Just layer your favourite ice creams in a lined loaf tin, then let the freezer work its magic overnight. When ready to serve, simply turn it out and top with fresh berries. Hey presto! Summer is served.


2. Banoffee ice cream tartlets

Inspired by a banoffee pie with caramel, banana, whipped cream and chocolate curls, these little tartlets contain a naughty surprise. Break into the all butter pastry to reveal a hidden layer of soft vanilla ice cream – pure heaven! Visit Julie’s Family Kitchen website to find the recipe.


3. Ice cream doughnuts

Love ice cream? Love doughnuts? Then why not sandwich the two together? Annie, author of blog Annie Ko, does just that with her delectable ice cream doughnut using salted caramel and Belgian chocolate ice cream. And if that’s not indulgent enough, try it drizzled with homemade chocolate ganache.


4. Ice cream and cookie slice

Ever made your own Viennese biscuits? Well now you can. Becky from mintcustard  shares her recipe for an ice cream and cookie slice – soft, buttery biscuits dipped in chocolate and held together with a slice of vanilla ice cream. Tuck in!


5. Ice cream fairy cakes

In a clever twist on butterfly cupcakes, Julie from Raining Cake fills ready-made fairy cakes with piped vanilla ice cream, before decorating with chocolate sauce and sprinkles. These ice cream fairy cakes will go down a treat with family and friends and make the ultimate speedy dessert.


6. Ice cream dessert tacos

Think tacos have to be savoury? Think again! Lisa from United Cakedom has come up with a recipe for ice cream tacos – sweet mini pancakes lined with chocolate and filled with ice cream. Try coating your pancakes with homemade toffee and sprinkling with honeycomb pieces for a different twist.


Someone joining you who is lactose intolerant?

If a friend or family member cannot eat ice-cream, then look no further than our dairy free lime and strawberry dessert shots.

Summer berry ice

Transform a bag of frozen berries into a deliciously tangy soft scoop frozen dessert in seconds. Watch our how to video to find out.