These recipes will have the kids whipping up tasty meals in no time, and have fun while they’re at it too!

Image: 23 easy-as-pie recipes for your beginner cooks


1. Burgers with veggie chips

Burgers are probably on the list of your little ones’ favourite meals. And as a bonus, this recipe ensures that they’ll also get a healthy serving of vegetables too. See recipe for Burgers with veggie chips.


2. Lemony animal biscuits

Your kids will have loads of fun making these biscuits into their favourite animal shapes. See recipe for Lemony animal biscuits.


3. Cheesy ham and asparagus stratas

Your older kids can practise their chopping skills with this stratas recipe that is perfect for any family brunch. See recipe for Cheesy ham and asparagus stratas.


4. Banoffee pie sundae

No child will object to making a sundae. This recipe combines toffee, banana and chocolate with the unexpected addition of crunchy popcorn. Perfect for movie night at home. See recipe for Banoffee pie sundae.


5. Tuna quesadillas

These quesadillas make fun finger food and provide a great opportunity for your kids to personalise with their favourite ingredients. See recipe for Tuna quesadillas.


6. Cheese and ham bread pudding

Get the kids to help use up your leftover bread with this savoury pudding. The subtle flavours are perfect for their delicate palate too. See recipe for Cheese and ham bread pudding.


7. Easy cupcake swirls

No need to stick to pastel colours with this recipe. Instead, get the kids to pick their favourite food colouring shades and let them go wild decorating. See recipe for Easy cupcake swirls.


8. Animal bread rolls

This recipe really allows your kids get their hands dirty as these bread rolls are like using modeling clay, and they can eat it too! See recipe for Animal bread rolls.


9. Thai fish cakes with cucumber salad

Go on a tastebuds adventure with your kids with these cakes they’ll enjoy making to dip into sweet chilli sauce. See recipe for Thai fish cakes with cucumber salad.


10. Surprise chocolate fairy cakes

These chocolate fairy cakes will be a fun baking treat to make with your little princess. See recipe for Surprise chocolate fairy cakes.


11. Chicken burgers

Your kids can make these chicken patties small or large, so they’re great for snack time or supper. See recipe for Chicken burgers.


12. Apple blackberry flapjacks

These flapjacks are easy-to-make and are the perfect snack to bring for an afternoon in the park. See recipe for Apple blackberry flapjacks.


13. Jammy fairy cakes

These cakes are great to make for birthdays or to bring as gifts for their little friends. See recipe for Jammy fairy cakes.


14. Quick berry sponge

Your kids can help mix the ingredients for this berry sponge together then simply pop it in the microwave for a quick, delicious dessert. See recipe for Quick berry sponge.


15. Tasty mini naan pizzas

Use naan bread instead of pizza dough to make these fast mini pizzas all the kids will enjoy. See recipe for Tasty mini naan pizzas.


16. Curried chicken kebabs

The apricot jam complements the curry spices in this dish so it won’t be too overpowering for the kids to enjoy. Plus, they will like using their fingers to pick the chicken off the skewers at mealtime. See recipe for Curried chicken kebabs.


17. Fruity mallow wraps

Using tortilla shells as a base, this dessert is a twist on a classic French dessert crêpe. The kids will enjoy adding their favourite ingredients and wrapping up these sweet treats to eat with their hands. See recipe for Fruity mallow wraps.


18. Juicy raspberry tart

Your kids can become mini bakers in the kitchen with this easy yet impressive raspberry tart recipe. See recipe for Juicy raspberry tart.


19. Courgette and white bean quesadillas

These quesadillas are packed with veggie goodness and great served with a side of salsa and guacamole. See recipe for Courgette and white bean quesadillas.


20. Cheat’s cherry cheesecakes

This non-bake cheesecake recipe will still be fun for the kids to make and quick to serve in 25 minutes. See recipe for Cheat’s cherry cheesecakes.


21. Herb omelette

Incredibly filling and easy to make, the kids will have fun customising their own omelettes with their favourite ingredients. See recipe for Herb omelette.


22. Calzone

Your kids can customise this recipe by adding their favourite ingredients into each calzone. See recipe for Calzone.


23. Cheesy egg puffs

This buttery, flaky pastry topped with sausage and egg makes for a delicious breakfast or brunch. See recipe for Cheesy egg puffs.