Your vegetarian Christmas dinner just got a whole lot more delicious. We love these rainbow roasted carrots wrapped in pastry, elegant sticky garlic quiche and the ultimate nut roast

Try one of our best-ever vegetarian Christmas dinner recipes, from roasted butternut squash with butterbean and goat’s cheese mash to spinach and ricotta lasagne roll-ups – or an impressive spiral vegetable tart. Serve up plenty of greens on the side, and it will be a merry Christmas all round.


1. Caramelised garlic quiche

For all the garlic lovers, this creamy garlic quiche is the ultimate Christmas gift – baked to golden perfection with caramelised garlic, soft goat’s cheese, homemade shortcrust pastry and finished with fresh rosemary. Get the recipe for caramelised garlic quiche.


2. Next-level nut roast with spiced cranberry relish

This is the nut roast to end all nut roasts. With a butternut squash, bulgar wheat and chestnut mushroom base, cumin and chilli for spice and prunes and dried cranberries for sweetness, this is Christmas packed on a plate. Get the recipe for next-level nut roast with spiced cranberry relish....


3. Nut roast en croûte 

Try a nut roast wrapped in golden, flaky pastry filled with earthy lentils, sautéed vegetables and crumbled cooked chestnuts. Don't expect leftovers. Get the recipe for nut roast en croute.


4. Parsnip and cranberry nut roast

Packed full of walnuts, cashews and parsnips, this nut roast is a true Christmas classic. Serve with a dollop of cranberry sauce. Get the recipe for parsnip and cranberry nut roast.


5. Vegan hasselback vegetable tart

Impress vegan guests with a vibrant seasonal vegetable tart, sprinkled with roasted hazelnuts and thyme leaves. Get the recipe for vegan hasselback vegetable tart.


6. Roasted butternut squash with butterbean and goat’s cheese mash

Half a roasted squash towering with butterbean and goat’s cheese mash makes an impressive Christmas dinner. Sprinkle with chilli flakes and serve with your favourite greens. Get the recipe for roasted butternut squash with butterbean and goat’s cheese mash.


7. Vegan butternut, Brussels sprout and chestnut pie

What tastes better than Christmas dinner? How about Christmas dinner in a pie? Get the recipe for vegan butternut, Brussels sprout and chestnut pie.


8. Spinach and ricotta lasagne roll-ups

Roll up a classic spinach and ricotta filling in fresh lasagne sheets or swap spinach for mushrooms or thinly sliced aubergines for a pasta centrepiece with a difference. Get the recipe for spinach and ricotta lasagne roll-ups.


9. Butternut squash and goat’s cheese galette

Is it a pie? Is it a cake? Nope, it’s a galette. This hearty vegetarian dish can be shared around the table this Christmas – especially when it comes with sweet caramelised onions and pea pesto. Get the recipe for butternut squash and goat’s cheese galette.


10. Spiral vegetable tart

This one might take a while to make, but it's worth every minute when you put it on the table. Did we mention it's vegan too? Get the recipe for spiral vegetable tart.


11. Gluten-free roast vegetable and hazelnut crumble

This gluten-free savoury crumble makes a colourful main or a hearty side dish on Christmas Day. Get the recipe for gluten-free roast vegetable and hazelnut crumble.


12. Mushroom and chestnut pies with garlic crouton crust

Swap traditional puff pastry pie topping for a garlic bread crust. Get the recipe for mushroom and chestnut pies with garlic crouton crust.


13. Vegetarian hot pot

For the perfect golden topping, place under the grill for five to 10 minutes and add herby cream cheese for a velvety sauce. Get the recipe for vegetarian hot pot.


14. Fig, thyme and goat’s cheese tart

Figs and goat’s cheese is a winning sweet and savoury combo. Slice up with all the trimmings as a Christmas dinner main, or serve with a salad for a hearty starter. Get the recipe for fig, thyme and goat’s cheese tart.


15. Aubergine parmigiana

Why wait for the cheese course, when you can slather roasted aubergines in mozzarella and Italian hard cheese and call it Christmas dinner? Get the recipe for aubergine parmigiana.


16. Parsnip gratin

Parsnip gratin

Via: Sainsbury's Magazine/Photo: Jonathan Gregson

This parsnip gratin makes an elegant alternative to potato dauphinoise – and you can even bake it the day before. Get the recipe for parsnip gratin.


17. Ratatouille strata

This recipe is particularly handy if you're catering for just one vegetarian. Swap the parmesan with a vegetarian Italian hard cheese and serve straight from the oven in individual ramekins. Get the recipe for ratatouille strata.


18. Cauliflower cheese pie

Yes, that is cauliflower cheese in a pie. This is an impressive vegetarian Christmas dinner that makes great leftovers to eat with that Boxing Day ham. Get the recipe for cauliflower cheese pie.


19. Roasted red pepper, sundried tomato and ricotta cannelloni

Roasted red pepper, sundried tomato and ricotta cannelloni

Via: Sainsbury's Magazine/Photo: Laura Edwards 

This is the ultimate elegant vegetarian comfort food. Rolled lasagne sheets are stuffed with ricotta and chilli and covered in a roasted red pepper sauce. Get the recipe for roasted red pepper, sundried tomato and ricotta cannelloni.


20. Easy courgette tart

This only takes 35 minutes and can be made ahead for an oh-so-easy vegetarian festive dinner. Get the recipe for easy courgette tart.


21. Pumpkin farro risotto with sage and pesto

Farro makes a seasonal vegan risotto with kale, lemon and garlic pesto. Get the recipe for pumpkin farro risotto with sage and pesto.


22. Stuffed roast butternut squash

All the tastes of Christmas are stuffed into this decadent roasted squash with piles of chestnuts, walnuts and cranberries covered in melted cambozola cheese. Get the recipe for stuffed roast butternut squash.