From meringues to chocolate mousse, these sophisticated vegan desserts are utterly decadent and delicious for your Christmas dinner

Whether you're cooking for vegan friends or just want to hop on the vegan trend this Christmas, these vegan desserts will change the way you think about pudding. From amazing raw cheesecakes to mincemeat tarts topped with crumbly streusel and genius vegan meringues with whipped coconut cream, these beautiful desserts are the true stars of Christmas Day.


1. Cacao and clementine layer cake

Whip up this four-layer chocolate and clementine Christmas cake as an alternative to the traditional. For light and airy vegan buttercream, whisk vegan butter with aquafaba (AKA water from a tin of chickpeas). Get the recipe for cacao and clementine layer cake.


2. Raw vegan chocolate cheesecake

Raw vegan chocolate cheesecake

Photo: Lisa Linder

This decadent vegan dessert is completely raw and every bit as delicious as it looks. There's no need to soak cashew nuts overnight to make the creamy cheesecake layer – 30 minutes is all it takes. Serve with a shot of espresso for the perfect end to a festive meal. Prefer white chocolate? Give this vegan baked cheesecake a go instead. Get the recipe for raw vegan chocolate cheesecake


3. Vegan espresso martini chocolate mousse

This genius recipe uses water from a tin of chickpeas to make a vegan mousse that's surprisingly light and airy. The high protein content in the chickpea water, also known as aquafaba, aerates the mousse, while coconut cream, dairy-free dark chocolate and a cheeky shot of coffee liqueur lends creaminess and flavour. How's that for science? Get the recipe for vegan espresso martini chocolate mousse


4. The ultimate raw vegan strawberry cheesecake

Here's a cheesecake your guests will be dreaming about long after Christmas dinner. A chewy macadamia nut crust sits neatly beneath four layers of strawberry cashew cream cheese, creating a beautiful ombre effect. Make the cheesecake a day ahead and freeze overnight to set. Decorate with coconut snowballs, strawberries and edible glitter before slicing up to serve. Get the recipe for the ultimate raw vegan strawberry cheesecake.


5. Chocolate and banana molten cakes with hazelnut and date sauce

This vegan chocolate fondant with a sticky date and hazelnut sauce is ready in under an hour. Merry Christmas! Get the recipe for chocolate and banana molten cakes.


6. Mint chocolate pavé

Hemsley + Hemsley’s mint chocolate pave

Via: PR

Give up peppermint creams for these delicious mint chocolate squares. This 15-minute recipe is a refreshing way to end your meal, as it's an after dinner mint and a dessert all in one. Get the recipe for mint chocolate pavé.


7. Sparkly vegan chocolate cupcakes

Espresso gives these vegan chocolate cupcakes a dark and delicious edge. Pipe with swirls of vegan buttercream and top with glittery cherries for a festive finish. Get the recipe for sparkly vegan chocolate cupcakes.


8. Avocado, banana and cacao mousse

Five ingredients and five minutes are all it takes to make this dreamy, creamy avocado cacao mousse. Sprinkle with dessicated coconut for a snowy finish. Get the recipe for avocado, banana and cacao mousse


9. Mincemeat streusel tart

Mincemeat streusel tart

Via: Sainsbury's Magazine/Photo: Martin Poole

A classic Christmas dessert with a vegan twist. It's so crumbly and golden, you won't miss the butter one bit. Get the recipe for mincemeat streusel tart


10. Lemony spiced poached pears

Ripe blush pears are gently mulled in spices and lemon zest for a delightfully festive Christmas dessert. Serve with a generous scoop of vegan vanilla ice cream. Get the recipe for lemony spiced poached pears.


11. Vegan raspberry and cacao cheesecake bars

Serve dinner party guests individual raspberry and chocolate cheesecake bars so they don't fight over yours. They take just 30 minutes to prep and keep well in the freezer, in case you wanted to stash some away for midnight snacking. Get the recipe for vegan raspberry and cacao cheesecake bars.


12. Lime and ginger tartlets

This colourful little tartlette is filled with zingy avocado, lime and stem ginger mousse. While most raw cheesecakes use cashew nuts to make the creamy filling, this recipe uses nuts in the tart shell, which makes it gluten-free and adds a wonderful nuttiness. Get the recipe for lime and ginger tartlets.


13. Blueberry lemon mousse cake

Blueberry lemon mousse with scented geranium flowers

Photo: Lisa Linder

Whipped coconut cream is the humble ingredient that adds richness to this delicate vegan mousse cake. Decorate with pretty edible flowers to take your cake from scrumptious to show-stopping in minutes. Get the recipe for blueberry lemon mousse cake.


14. Vegan chocolate brownies with a tahini swirl

There's no better way to end a delicious meal than with a square of homemade chocolate brownie and scoop of vegan ice cream. An intensely nutty sesame seed paste called tahini makes this vegan chocolate brownie fudgy, chewy and moist without butter. Share responsibly. Get the recipe for vegan chocolate brownies with a tahini swirl.


15. Vegan meringue with coconut cream and blackberries

Make vegan meringue by whisking protein-rich chickpea water until it forms stiff peaks, similar to whisked egg whites. Bake gently for an hour until perfectly crunchy on the outside and chewy in the middle, and serve immediately with whipped coconut cream, blackberries and dairy-free dark chocolate. Get the recipe for vegan meringue with coconut cream and blackberries.