Got some leftover meat from your roast? Transform it into a delicious lunch the next day with one of these spectacular sandwich ideas. Warning: do not read on an empty stomach

Image: 17 mouthwatering sandwiches for your leftovers


1. Beef & cheese sandwich with crispy onions and rocket-pesto mayo


2. Hong Kong roast pork belly, apples & mustard mayo sandwich


3. Toasted chicken & mozzarella sandwich with lightened up pesto


4. Roasted pork belly open sandwich with garlic mayo, roasted pickle and coriander


5. Pork sliders with salsa verde, fresh coriander, onion, and chipotle mayo


6. ‘Big Boy’ beef toasted sandwich with mustard and semi-soft cheese


7. Slow roasted pork sandwich with avocado, pickled red onions and spicy coriander sauce


8. Roast beef sandwich with roasted garlic, horseradish mayonnaise and baby spinach


9. Ecuadorian roasted pork sandwich with pickled red onion, tomatoes and avocado


10. Roast beef smoked Gouda grilled cheese sandwich

Gouda saundwich




11. Greek lemon chicken sandwich with feta and tzatziki

Greek salad sandwich



12. Sweetly savoury chicken salad with cashews, dried cherries and tarragon in a croissant

Chicken croissant



13. Chicken and vegetable pressed sandwiches with goat’s cheese and pesto

Pressed chicken sandwich



14. Roasted pork tenderloin sandwich with apple fennel coleslaw


15. Roast beef baguette with horseradish cream