Give vegetarian guests something special this Christmas with an impressive selection of canapés, from creamy walnut and Stilton tartlets to crispy halloumi chips

Image: 15 impressive vegetarian canapés and party nibbles

These 15 impressive Christmas canapés and party food recipes celebrate the very best of vegetarian cooking. From polenta bites to beetroot fritters and dips, there's no need to leave the veggies fighting over the last cheese straw this Christmas. 


1. Polenta bites with stilton and red onion chutney

Lay out polenta squares, onion chutney and a block of stilton on a platter and let guests assemble their own nibbles. Then pat yourself on the back for being the host with the most free time. Get the recipe for polenta bites with stilton and red onion chutney.


2. Beetroot and feta fritters with yogurt dipping sauce

Crispy beetroot and feta fritters make a colourful addition to a vegetarian buffet. Delicious served with a creamy yogurt and dill dipping sauce. Get the recipe for beetroot and feta fritters


3. Halloumi chips

Be prepared to make a triple batch of these perfect halloumi chips. They're crispy, golden and 100% cheesy satisfaction. Get the recipe for halloumi chips.


4. Mushroom ‘sausage’ rolls

Three types of mushrooms rolled into a flaky pastry case to make an utterly irresistible dinner party snack. Just remember to save space for dinner. Get the recipe for mushroom ‘sausage’ rolls.


5. Blue cheese and yogurt dip

Ready in five minutes, no cooking involved, only 4 ingredients... we can list 100 other reasons why you need to make this creamy blue cheese dip for your next Christmas party. Get the recipe for blue cheese and yogurt dip


6. Cauliflower samosas and quick mango pickle

Cauliflower samosas and quick mango pickle

Photo: PR

Samosas, meet mango pickle. Mango pickle, meet samosa. Get the recipe for cauliflower samosas and quick mango pickle.


7. Gluten-free walnut tartlets with stilton and dried cranberries

 Try not to eat them all by yourself. These gorgeous gluten-free tartlets are made for sharing this Christmas. Get the recipe for gluten-free walnut tartlets


8. Mushroom burgers

Melt-in-the-mouth sweet potato and tofu burger patties sandwiched between juicy portobello mushroom 'buns'. Enough said. Get the recipe for mushroom burgers


9. Dates stuffed with goat's cheese, pistachios and pomegranate

All in favour of five-ingredient recipes, please stand up. These Middle Eastern bites are stuffed with soft goat's cheese, pistachios and pomegranate and make an elegant little pre-dinner party nibble. Get the recipe for dates stuffed with goat's cheese, pistachios and pomegranate


10. Crispy green bean chips with a roasted red pepper dip

Our secret breadcrumb mix make everything taste a zillion times better. Especially green beans. Get the recipe for crispy green bean chips.


11. Stilton pâté

Blue cheese lends a buttery texture to this festive vegetarian pâté recipe. It's the perfect partner to wholewheat crackers, but don't be surprised if your guests eat it by the spoonful. Get the recipe for stilton pâté.


12. Quail's eggs on rye

Quails' eggs on rye

Via: Sainsbury's Magazine/Photo: Dan Jones

The trick to peeling boiled quails' eggs is to run them under cold water for a few minutes. Serve atop German-style rye bread for a stylish Christmas canapé. Get the recipe for quail's eggs on rye.


13. Vittoria tomato and feta skewers

This is basically a Greek salad on a stick, and we love how easy it is. Swap feta for mozzarella if you'd like an Italian twist. Get the recipe for vittoria tomato and feta skewers.


14. Spiral roast potatoes

For those who love roast potatoes at Christmas, try smoky spiral roast potatoes with crispy corners for a life-changing experience. Get the recipe for spiral roast potatoes.


15. Pea and almond bruschetta

Whizz up blanched almonds and frozen green peas for an elegant store cupboard canapé that's ready in 15 minutes. Get the recipe for pea and almond bruschetta.