Your vegetarian guests will be spoiled for choice with these incredible Christmas starters. From a show-stopping beetroot and goat's cheese terrine to grilled avocados with spicy houmous, these tasty starters are a tough act to follow

Make the most of the season's bounty and cook up a vegetarian feast for your family and friends this Christmas. These 14 incredible starters are the perfect way to start your feast – and there isn't a single stuffed mushroom in sight. 


1. Beetroot and goat’s cheese terrine

Make a show-stopping Christmas starter with just four ingredients. All you need is beetroot, goat's cheese, hazelnuts and dill, and you can prep it the day before. Get the recipe for beetroot and goat's cheese terrine.


2. Cheese toastie soup

This is what happens when you combine French onion soup with cheese toasties – a Christmas miracle that makes an indulgent starter. Get the recipe for cheese toastie soup.


3. Fig, thyme and goat’s cheese tart

Roasting fresh figs brings out their naturally sweet flavour. Pair it with two types of cheese and encase in crispy filo pastry for a cracking Christmas starter. Get the recipe for fig, thyme and goat's cheese tart.


4. Cheese and chutney pies

The best thing about these cheese and chutney pies is their oozy, cheesy centre... and the buttery homemade pastry... and the caramelised onion chutney – basically everything about this pie is amazing. Serve with a green salad for a Christmas Day starter treat. Get there recipe for cheese and chutney pies.


5. Spinach and butternut squash roulade

Spinach and butternut squash roulade

Via: Sainsbury's Magazine/Photo: Clare Winfield

Assemble this beautiful butternut squash roulade a day ahead to save time, then just bake for 25 minutes before serving. Get the recipe for spinach and butternut squash roulade


6. Beetroot, goat’s cheese and hazelnut galettes

Make a batch of these pretty little beetroot galettes for a Christmas starter or Boxing Day snack. Sprinkle with hazelnuts or walnuts for extra delicious nutty crunch. Get the recipe for beetroot, goat's cheese and hazelnut galettes


7. Mushroom and ricotta filo crackers

Wrap juicy mushrooms and toasted pine nuts in buttery layers of filo pastry and shape them into cute little crackers using fresh chives for a Christmas starter worth talking about. Get the recipe for mushroom and ricotta filo crackers.


8. Pumpkin and roasted garlic houmous

Roast a whole bulb of garlic in foil for the most epic caramelised flavour and whizz together with roasted pumpkin and tahini for a moreish houmous recipe. Perfect served with crudités or a mezze platter Christmas starter. Get the recipe for pumpkin and roasted garlic houmous


9. Christmas roast vegetable soup with stilton

A trio of roasted parsnips, carrots and butternut squash makes this the ultimate Christmas soup. Crumble over creamy stilton for an extra kick of flavour. Get the recipe for Christmas roast vegetable soup with stilton


10. Grilled avocado with houmous

Yes, grilled avocado – loaded with creamy harissa houmous and crunchy roasted chickpeas. This Middle Eastern-inspired starter will change the way your guests look at avocados forever. Get the recipe for grilled avocado with houmous


11. Caramelised onion, cheese and hazelnut salad

Caramelised onions, soft Abergavenny goat's cheese and hazelnuts makes this salad special. Get the recipe for caramelised onion, cheese and hazelnut salad.


12. Double-baked cheese soufflés with marmalade red cabbage

Double-baked cheese soufflés with marmalade red cabbage

Via: Sainsbury's Magazine. Photo: Brett Stevens

Bake the soufflés in the morning to free up some time and allow to cool, then bake again for 20 minutes just before serving and serve on a festive platter for a spectacular Christmas starter. Get the recipe for double-baked cheese soufflés with marmalade cabbage.


13. Winter vegetable salad

This wintery salad features parsnip and butternut squash ribbons. Throw in some crunchy pecans and crumbled goat's cheese for the perfect balance between nutty and creamy textures to start the meal. Get the recipe for winter vegetable salad.


14. Mushroom and chestnut soup with truffle oil

Mushroom and chestnut soup with truffle oil

Via: Sainsbury's Magazine/Photo: Ria Osborne

Truffle oil is the easiest way to add a dash of sophistication to your soups. Serve in tea cups for the perfect portion size, but be prepared to refill upon request. Get the recipe for mushroom and chestnut soup with truffle oil.