Transform the humble courgette into something spectacular with these tempting recipes, from courgette bread and pizzas, to fudgy cakes, crunchy fritters and tarts

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Make the most of seasonal courgettes with these 14 beautiful veggie-packed recipes. This versatile summer squash is delicious in salads, tarts and muffins. Swap standard pasta with on-trend courgetti for a quick and easy weeknight dinner, or follow your sweet tooth and make fudgy courgette chocolate cake.


1. Sweetcorn and courgette pancakes

Be bold and go savoury for breakfast with fluffy sweetcorn and courgette pancakes. Serve with a dollop of cooling basil yogurt and a wedge of lemon. Get the recipe for sweetcorn and courgette pancakes.


2. Courgette pizza boats

Load courgette halves with your favourite pizza toppings. Chorizo, pepperoni, mozzarella, basil... you get the idea. Get the recipe for gluten-free courgette pizza boats.


3. Courgetti fritters with poached eggs

Spiralised courgettes make the crispiest fritters. Just add runny poached eggs on top for extra breakfast-oomph. Ooh la la! Get the recipe for courgetti fritters with poached eggs.


4. Easy courgette tart

Courgette ribbons on a bed of creamy cheese and golden puff pastry, you say? Don't mind if we do. This fresh vegetarian tart looks really impressive and tastes the part too. Get the recipe for easy courgette tart.


5. Chocolate courgette cake

This is what happens when you add grated courgettes to a standard chocolate cake. Say hello to super fudgy chocolate cake. Get the recipe for chocolate courgette cake.


6. Spiral vegetable tart

Keep calm and make a stunning spiral tart. It's worth the time and the effort, plus it tastes utterly delicious. Just remember to gather all your friends and family around before slicing into this beauty, because it deserves a crowd. Get the recipe for vegan spiral vegetable tart.


7. Courgette green goddess pizzas

Pizza in 45 minutes? Yes, please! Make quick flatbreads and spread them with nutty vegan pesto and grilled courgette ribbons to make this winning treat. Get the recipe for courgette green goddess pizza.


8. Smashed chickpeas with grilled courgette

Give courgettes a Middle Eastern makeover in this family-style sharing platter with smashed chickpeas, pomegranate seeds and crumbled feta in a tahini salad dressing. Get the recipe for smashed chickpeas with grilled courgette.

Smashed chickpeas with grilled courgette

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9. Courgette and oat bran bread 

High-fibre oat bran is whisked together with creamy yogurt, parmesan and courgettes to make this savoury courgette bread. Toast thick slices of courgette bread until golden, spread generously with butter, and serve with a cup of tea. Get the recipe for courgette and oat bran bread.


10. Veggie polpette with courgette spaghetti

For a vegetarian dinner packed with oodles of flavour, toss courgetti in tomato sauce with chunky veggie meatballs. It's fresh, simple and you can make a big batch of meatballs and freeze ahead for a quick weeknight dinner. Get the recipe for veggie polpette with courgette spaghetti.


11. Crisp-skinned salmon with courgette and quinoa

Crisp-skinned salmon with veggie-packed quinoa makes the perfect weekend lunch. Especially when it's finished with pretty courgette ribbons. Get the recipe for salmon with courgette and quinoa.


12. Savoury carrot and courgette muffins

Grate courgettes into muffin mix for extra texture and flavour. These savoury carrot and courgette muffins make an easy alternative to bread for breakfast. Get the recipe for savoury carrot and courgette muffins.


13. Vegan powerballs with courgetti and cashew cheese

Impress all your vegan friends with homemade cashew cheese. This summery courgetti recipe is ready in 25 minutes and requires no cooking at all. Easy peasy. Get the recipe for vegan powerballs with courgetti and cashew cheese.


14. Courgette fritters

Crunchy fritters are the ultimate makeover for this garden vegetable. Simply coat courgette pieces in flour, eggs and breadcrumbs, then oven bake. Dunk in ketchup for a tasty finish. Get the recipe for courgette fritters.