Try hassle-free Easter buffet recipes for a casual but oh-so-tasty bank holiday weekend. From butternut squash falafels to sticky lamb lollipops, these are all the recipes you need

If you have a crowd coming round this bank holiday Easter weekend, make it easy on yourself and swap a traditional roast with all the trimmings for a help-yourself buffet. It could be bursting with lamb lollipops, rainbow tarts and bite-sized versions of your favourite bakes. The best bit? You can make loads of these recipes in advance, giving you more time to relax and put your feet up.


1. Beetroot dip with sourdough toast

This colourful dip has an earthy sweetness from the slow-roasted beetroot and toasted sesame seed paste, while a dash of lemon adds zing. Serve with toasted sourdough or platters of pitta, tortilla chips and crunchy crudités. Get the recipe for beetroot dip with sourdough toast.


2. Sicilian baked red peppers

Sicilian baked red peppers

Via: Sainsbury's Magazine/Photo: Laura Edwards

Juicy red peppers filled with olives, capers and oozy mozzarella cheese are a taste of Mediterranean sun. Try to stop yourself from eating just... one... more... Get the recipe for Sicilian baked red peppers.


3. Butternut squash falafels with spicy zhoug sauce

Serve a platter of these fabulous homemade falafels with spicy zhoug sauce, bursting with spices and zingy green herbs. Get the recipe for butternut squash falafels with spicy zhoug sauce.


4. Lamb lollipops with a sticky pomegranate glaze

Cuter than a big roast joint, these pretty pops are flavoured with ras el hanout and fresh pomegranate. Get the recipe for lamb lollipops with sticky pomegranate glaze.


5. Spiral vegetable tart

This dizzyingly beautiful tart is a kaleidoscope of colour and worth every bit of effort. Make it the centrepiece of your table. Get the recipe for spiral vegetable tart.


6. Chicken goujons with rice pops

Serve spring chicken in bite-sized form with a satisfying crunch of rice-pop coating. Side salad optional. Get the recipe for chicken goujons with rice pops.


7. Mushroom burgers

These cute mushroom burgers are gluten-free and absolutely gorgeous. Get the recipe for mushroom burgers.


8. Rice, mushroom and egg pastry roll

A veggie take on a beef wellington, stuff this mushroom roll with soft-boiled eggs for a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. Get the recipe for rice, mushroom and egg pastry roll


9. Asparagus, spring onion and mint tart

Asparagus, spring onion and mint tart

Via: Sainsbury's Magazine/Photo: Andrew Montgomery

This glorious green dream of a tart is layered with thin strips of seasonal asparagus, spring onion and fresh mint. And it can be served warm or cold. Win-win! Get the recipe for asparagus, spring onion and mint tart.


10. Mini simnel loaves

Mini simnel loaves

Via: Sainsbury’s Magazine/Photo: Tara Fisher

An adorable twist on an Easter classic, these mini simnel loaves will add a touch of sophistication to your spread. Get the Sainsbury's magazine recipe for mini simnel loaves.


11. Easter bunny shortbread biscuits

Bunny mouth shortbread biscuits

Super cute and just as sweet, these bunny mouth biscuits will get everyone talking. And they are the perfect opportunity to get the kids involved. Get the recipe for Easter bunny shortbread biscuits


12. Tear and share hot cross buns

It wouldn't be Easter without hot cross buns, and this genius tear-and-share version was made for buffets. Just accept that at least one person will ‘accidentally’ break-off a cluster of three. Get the recipe for tear and share hot cross buns


13. Nutella bread

This addictive Nutella bread fulfils the chocolate quota. It's deceptively simple to make with just seven ingredients, too. You're winning at this buffet game. Get the recipe for Nutella bread.