Hot, cold, sliced or diced... ham is all that it's cracked up to be

Image: 11 uses for ham other than in sandwiches

Buying in bulk for the summer holidays is a great idea. Eating the same thing over and over again – not so much. When it comes to ham, most of us think sandwiches, but if the kids are crying out for a change, try one of these alternative ideas.


1. Parma ham, cherry tomato and rocket pasta salad

If you don’t have Italian-cured ham lying around in the fridge, you can easily replace with British ham – or whatever you’ve got to hand. See recipe for Parma ham,cherry tomato and rocket pasta salad.


2. Cheesy ham and asparagus stratas

Make these delicious savouries for a family brunch or as a cocktail party hors d’oeuvre. See recipe for Cheesy ham and asparagus stratas.


3. Simple fried rice

This dish is hearty enough to eat on its own, or served as a side dish with Asian-flavoured grilled chicken. See recipe for Simple fried rice.


4. Healthier spring rolls

These ham-based spring rolls are a healthier alternative to their deep fried counterpart and a perfect starter at any party. See recipe for Healthier spring rolls.


5. Shropshire fidget pie

A classic lunchtime dish from the Midlands, serve this pie instead for your next Sunday lunch. See recipe for Shropshire fidget pie.


6. Quick ham and egg salad

Honey roasted ham and eggs come together to make this fast and protein-rich salad. See recipe for Quick ham and egg salad.


8. Egg foo yung (Chinese omelette)

Use up your meat and vegetable leftovers to make this Chinese version of a breakfast classic. See recipe for Egg foo yung.


7. Ham and cheese pinwheels

Replace standard lunchtime staple bread with tortilla wraps for these pinwheels the kids will happily take out of their lunch box. See recipe for Ham and cheese pinwheels.


9. Spaghetti carbonara

This rich, delicious pasta will become a fast favourite with the kids but you can add more goodness with mushrooms and courgettes. See recipe for Spaghetti carbonara.


10. Ham and spring onion stratas

The kids will love to eat these stratas (delicious savoury muffins) for lunch or for a tummy-filling afternoon snack. See recipe for Ham and spring onion stratas.


11. Garlicky potato and ham bake

The whole family will be asking you to make this rich and delicious potato and ham bake for supper over and over again. See recipe for Garlicky potato and ham bake.


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