Easy to carry and even easier to eat, these tasty treats won’t stop you in your tracks

On your bike? You’re not the only one.


The sport is at an all-time high in the UK, according to British Cycling. More than 2 million people get in the saddle at least once a week, with 3.6 million cycling at least once a month.


Whether you’re riding to work or wheeling away the time with a long, leisurely weekend pedal, don’t forget to pack some snacks for those brake breaks. You need compact treats that are satisfying enough to keep you pedalling – but not so heavy that they weigh you, or your bike, down. Oh, and they need to fit snugly in your cycle pack or rucksack too.


Don’t worry, we’ve got some tasty ideas to keep you on track.


1. Spicy roasted chickpeas

Crispy chickpeas

​You can do better than a handful of peanuts – these satisfyingly crispy, roasted, spicy chickpeas, for example. They're healthier, easy to make and can be carried in a sealable bag or small plastic tub. Perfect for a quick munch on the go.


2. Scotch egg pie

A chunky wedge of this seriously impressive pie can be wrapped up and tucked in your cycle pack for a pit-stop picnic. Your fellow pedallers will be twisting in their saddles with envy.


3. Vegan raspberry and cacao cheesecake bars

Free of refined sugar, these babies use indulgent cacao instead. They're so delicious, we recommend you can make a big batch to keep in the freezer. Just thinking about getting your teeth into one will keep your wheels turning if you start to feel tired.


4. White chocolate and matcha green tea brownies

Loved by healthy types (like you!), matcha green tea powder gives these ‘brownies’ a creamy earthiness that balances beautifully with the sweet white choc. A well-deserved reward after an uphill struggle, we reckon.


5. Beetroot sushi

Sushi gets a vibrant makeover thanks to the beetroot-dyed rice in these homemade rolls. Pack in a plastic tub with a pot of the wasabi avocado cream on the side. Yum.


6. Butternut squash falafels

These tasty, pocket-sized patties are just as delicious eaten cold, packed in a lunchbox with the green chilli sauce on the side.


7. Beetroot brioche buns

There goes that beetroot again, making everything prettier. It also gives these brioche buns a rich, earthy flavour. Fill with your fave sarnie ingredients, wrap up and hit the road.


8. Carrot cake baked oatmeal bars

The blueberries add bursts of jammy joy to these homemade oaty bars. The perfect boost before you tackle those steep hills.


9. Golden milk bombs

Turmeric milk bombs

Turmeric is the spice of the moment. Not convinced? These pop-in-your-mouth golden bombs should help persuade you – and get you back in gear if you’re flagging.


10. Curly wurly vegetable crisps

Curly wurly vegetable crisps

A colourful alternative to potato crisps, this savoury snack can be packed in a small plastic tub or even a paper cup with lid. They're crunchy with the earthy, sweet flavours of roasted root veg.


11. Banana and date flapjacks

Naturally sweet with banana, honey and sticky medjool dates, pack these squares for whenever you need a pick-me-up.