Simple to make with hardly any washing up – what’s not to love?

Hands up who needs some new dishes to add to your ‘I just threw this together’ repertoire? Well, guess what? We've got a few beauties here for you. 


These one-pot wonders cook in a single dish, making cooking – and cleaning up afterwards – a breeze. But that doesn’t mean compromising on taste. Cooking everything together in one pot helps the flavours melt beautifully with one another, making it even more delicious.


Try these deceptively easy meals. We guarantee you won't be disappointed...


1. Slow cooker plantain, spinach and coconut curry

This stunning veggie dish bursts with complex, exotic flavours. Who needs to know your slow cooker did most of the hard work?


2. Roast pork and lentil braise

Pork belly, lentils and green veg make a beautifully balanced, impressive supper dish. Yet this one-dish wonder only takes 15 minutes of prep time.


3. Quick beef rendang

This fragrant Malaysian curry can also be made with chicken or, for a veggie version, extra veg and chunks of sweet potato. Serve with rice, flatbreads or just as a beautiful bowlful on its own.


4. Chicken sag aloo

The Indian classic gets an easy, breezy twist with this throw-it-all-in recipe. Quicker than waiting for a takeaway delivery.


5. One-pot pasta

A pasta dish that cooks in its own sauce – how clever is that? This is packed with sunny paella flavours of chorizo and prawns, but feel free to experiment with different sauces and pasta shapes.


6. Tortilla soup with chipotle, beans and sweetcorn

Smoky chipotle adds a satisfying kick to this refreshing, surprisingly filling soup.


7. Fish, courgette and potato bake

Lovely layers of veg and sliced spuds are topped with succulent fish fillets for this super-simple supper.


8. Almond milk chicken

The creamy, fragrant almond sauce infuses the chicken with flavour and makes it butter-soft. Plus, no need to faff about with gravy. Hurrah!


9. Spiced squash and mixed grain bowl

A five-minute prep job and you can leave this bright, beautiful bowl of goodness bubbling away in the slow cooker. Make extra, because you will want some leftovers for lunch.


10. Sausage, butter bean and tomato hotpot

Tinned toms and butter beans make this flavour-packed stew a doddle to make. Make a veggie version by skipping the sausages and throwing in extra peppers and mushrooms.


11. Chipotle and kale frittata

Fabulously fresh and zingy with mint and lime, this veggie-friendly dish is ready in under 15 minutes.