Show your leftovers some love and turn them into sizzling pot pies, quick pizzas and the ultimate turkey club sandwich with all the trimmings

No need to hide turkey leftovers in an ambiguous curry. Here are 11 game-changing recipes, from quick turkey nachos to scrumptious stroganoff with fresh cranberries.   


1. Leftover turkey carnitas

Transform leftover turkey with a squish of lime, chopped onions and coriander for a Boxing Day lunch fiesta. And it’s under 400 calories. Whoop whoop! Get the recipe for leftover turkey carnitas.


2. Leftover turkey nachos

Things you will need: comfy cushions, unlimited box sets and a tub of guacamole. This is serious snacking territory. Get the recipe for leftover turkey nachos


3. Turkey and leek pie with leftover stuffing

A whole Christmas dinner stuffed into one pie? Happy days! This flaky, buttery pie lid hides cooked turkey, leftover stuffing, caramelised leeks and all your Christmas wishes inside. Get the recipe for turkey and leek pie with leftover stuffing.


4. Leftover stuffing pizza

How to make dinner in 15 minutes: 1) Buy a ready-made margherita pizza. 2) Top it with leftover turkey and stuffing. 3) Bake for 7 minutes. THE END. Get the recipe for leftover stuffing pizza.


5. Polenta Christmas tree pizzas with turkey, stuffing and mozzarella

If you have a little more time, make a polenta Christmas tree pizza and pat yourself on the back for creating a dinner that looks as good as it tastes. Get the recipe for Christmas tree pizzas.


6. Ultimate leftover sandwich

Everyone will want an extra helping of this ultimate leftover turkey sandwich with all the trimmings. We’ve piled up roast vegetables, cranberry sauce, turkey, roast potatoes, stuffing, ham, sprouts, gravy, onion chutney, you get the idea... Get the recipe for ultimate leftover sandwich.


7. Leftover turkey pasta bake

It’s like tuna pasta bake, but with two types of cheese and all your turkey leftovers grilled to perfection. Get the recipe for leftover turkey pasta bake.


8. Mushroom and turkey pot pies

This clever pie uses ready-made mushroom soup to make a rich mushroom and turkey pot pie filling. Get the recipe for mushroom and turkey pot pies.


9. Lebanese turkey salad

Lebanese turkey salad

Via: Sainsbury's Magazine/Photo: Martin Poole

Crunchy pistachios, dried apricots and a coriander-cumin dressing have the power to turn leftover turkey into a Middle Eastern feast. Get the recipe for Lebanese turkey salad.


10. Turkey stroganoff

We won’t blame you for roasting a whole turkey just to use up the leftovers in this recipe. Get the recipe for turkey stroganoff.


11. Christmas ragù

A rich and tangy ragù sauce is the best thing that can happen to your roast turkey leftovers. Don’t believe us? Try it for yourself. Get the recipe for Christmas ragù.