Oh, and they're all under 500 calories. Marvellous!

It may be cold and dark by the time dinner rolls around, but if Nigella doesn't spend over half an hour cooking comforting meals every night, neither should you.


These super-easy recipes will help you create some seriously good homemade meals that are a world away from another night of cheesy pasta. Only two months until spring, people. We can do this.


1. Spicy pork larb salad

Salad recipes that disguise the actual salad bit as something far more interesting and fun are brilliant, aren't they? This one's ready in 20 minutes – perfect for that dinner party you regretfully planned while high on festive spirit last year.


2. Asian cod with stir-fried greens

Think steamed fish is nothing but a dull diet food? Then you clearly haven't met this soy, palm sugar and cinnamon marinade. Get to know.


3. Skinny omelette wraps with salmon, feta and herbs

Wrapping the omelettes as this recipe requires might take some practice, but it's a great one for those of you looking to avoid actual wraps and other gorgeous flour-based delights. Don't worry, the cheese makes it better again.


4. Fast florentine pizza

It may require a cheat's base, but this pizza comes in at a mere 465 calories and would you look at that oozing egg? Get back in your drawer, takeout menu.


5. Vegetarian burger with sweet chilli sauce

That's right – indulgent, super-tasty burgers, each under 500 calories. That tomato and avocado salsa is a game-changer too.


6. Vegetable rostis with poached eggs

One of those dishes you'll want for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Add some smoky bacon or halloumi if you want to bulk it up a little more, and a rocket or spinach salad would be a great little side too.


7. Cabbage pasta with walnuts and kale pesto

There's a time and a place for jarred pesto pasta, and a wet, dark January evening when you forgot to buy milk for tomorrow's cuppa isn't one of them. Let's make it all better with a proper culinary twist and this walnut and kale pesto. Just looking at that purple cabbage is making us feel more positive.


8. Sesame crusted tuna with noodle salad

This dish looks like it should be way more than 500 calories. Cook double and make your colleagues mad with envy at lunch the next day.


9. Super-quick tomato tart

If you squint it looks like a pizza, right? Yes. Very good with a lovely big green salad.


10. Warm pak choi prawn lentil salad

Warm salads are so brilliant because you feel like you're eating something comforting when actually it's, well, salad. Plus, the pak choi is the only green member of this dish. Feels like cheating, doesn't it?


11. Hake with prawns and caper butter

We found it! A delicious, healthy dish that contains actual BUTTER! It's also under 300 calories. This is just too easy.