You've had strawberry jam on toast and piled it on top of scones, but have you had it sandwiched between chocolate cakes, tarts and in puddings? These clever recipes show off the versatility of the not so everyday strawberry jam

Image: 10 clever ways to use strawberry jam

We bet you have a half-used jar of strawberry jam sitting in the fridge. So why not get creative and use it in a homemade Bakewell tart, Battenberg cake, or a beautifully decorated Victoria sponge? Or if you'd prefer to enjoy it for breakfast, how about jammy-in-the-middle pancakes oozing with fruity jam?

These 11 clever recipes make the most of the ruby red preserve.  


1. Naked Victoria cake

The classic Victoria sponge has been reinvented with a chunky layer of strawberry jam and fluffy vanilla buttercream. You don't even need to be an expert baker as the icing is kept to a minimum. Get the recipe for naked Victoria cake


2. Easy peach pudding

Make the quickest peach crumble with nothing more than peach, strawberry jam, crème frâiche and ginger biscuits. It's really that easy to make a 'wow' dessert. Get the recipe for easy peach pudding


3. Gluten-free Bakewell tart

Bakewell tart wouldn't be the same without a generous helping of strawberry jam sandwiched between layers of flaky pastry and delicate frangipane. This recipe is extra special because it's gluten-free and dairy-free – yes! Get the recipe for gluten-free Bakewell tart


4. Victoria sponge with Pimm’s strawberry jam

Make Pimm's strawberry jam with fresh strawberries, a little sugar and a glug of everyone's favourite summer drink. It tastes amazing in this Victoria sponge cake recipe with Pimm's whipped cream. Get the recipe for Victoria sponge with Pimm’s strawberry jam


5. Deliciously easy scones

If you're looking for the fluffiest scones with the perfect crumb, look no further. Make yourself a cuppa and enjoy these beauties with clotted cream and the best strawberry jam you can find. Get the recipe for deliciously easy scones


6. Jam and custard layer cake

Bring out the custard powder and that forgotten jar of strawberry jam. This delectable teatime cake is frosted with custard buttercream and swirls of oozy jam. It's a true store-cupboard miracle. Get the recipe for jam and custard layer cake


7. Princess jam tarts

If you have little chefs running around the kitchen, keep them busy with an afternoon of baking. These jam tarts use readymade shortcrust pastry and jam, which means it's fail-safe and 100% kid-friendly. Get the recipe for princess jam tarts


8. Swiss roll with fresh berries

A showstopping Swiss roll is just a sturdy sponge rolled with cream, jam and berries. We've used yogurt instead of cream in this recipe for a healthier version that tastes just as delicious. Get the recipe for Swiss roll with fresh berries.


9. Jammy inside pancakes

What's better than pancakes for breakfast? Pancakes with the jammiest surprise in the middle, of course. Get the recipe for jammy inside pancakes.


10. Chocolate pop tarts with peanut butter and jam filling

Chocolatey pop tarts with a delicious peanut butter and jam filling – we can't think of a yummier breakfast treat. Get the recipe for chocolate pop tarts with peanut butter and jam filling


11. Chocolate Battenberg cake 

For a seriously impressive teatime treat, make chocolate and vanilla chequered Battenberg cakes with a jammy middle. Best served in front of a crowd, so you can enjoy all the praise. You deserve it. Get the recipe for chocolate Battenberg cake.