If those elaborate creations send a shiver down you spin, don't give up. Try some of these recipes.. they're child's play

Image: 11 baking recipes you can’t mess up

Inspired to have a go at baking but a bit overwhelmed by the gorgeous creations on the telly? Well we’ve got the recipes to get you started. Ideal for beginners, time-poor cooks and would-be family bakers, master the simple techniques in these recipes and whatever you want to bake will be a piece of cake.


1. Victoria sponge

Don’t be daunted by this most traditional of teatime treats, making a Victoria sponge is actually very straightforward. For a rich, buttery, yet light crumb let the baking powder do the work.


2. Oaty banana mini muffins

Not only are these super-easy mini muffins perfect for getting the kids involved in the kitchen, they’re a tasty way to use up ripe bananas, too.


3. Sticky apricot flapjacks

Everyone loves a fruity flapjack, and there’s a secret ingredient in these gluten-free treats which makes them extra special (and extra sticky) but still super-simple to make.


4. Triple chocolate cookies

Crispy around the edges with a slightly chewy centre and loaded with three types of chocolate (plus cocoa), these tempting treats take just 22 minutes from mixing to munching.


5. Cottage loaf

Some types of bread are difficult to make well, but this recipe is perfect for a first-time baker (and once it’s on the table it’s up to you how tricky you tell everyone it was).


6. Pork and apple sausage rolls

How good do these sausage rolls look? Would you believe that with some ready-made pastry and half an hour in the kitchen you could have your very own batch in the oven? Well it’s true and you can!


7. Shortbread

This simple recipe for shortbread is delicious left plain and easily adapted to include your favourite ingredients. How about chocolate chips or lavender for summer tea parties?


8. Scones

The cornerstone of a cream tea, one reason scones are so popular is that they’re a doddle to make. The only real question is whether you put the cream or the jam on first…


9. Lemon drizzle cakes

When it comes to whether drizzle is a bad thing, but add it to a lemony cake and you’ve created a modern classic. This recipe makes eight individual mini loaves in just 35 minutes.


10. Chocolate cake

Beautiful to behold but easy to make, this indulgent chocolate creation makes a cracking centrepiece for a tea party and is showy enough for a birthday treat.


11. Tea cake

With plump tea-soaked fruit and dark, rich crumb, this substantial style of cake has been making a well-deserved comeback. Long may it last, we say (it’ll be longer than this loaf lasts, at any rate).