Bake them in a gooey bread pudding, freeze them in a tasty ice-cream or shape them into mythical monsters. The world is your Jaffa …

The fabled Jaffa Nessie

The humble Jaffa has come a long way since its 'half moon, full moon' days. Now we're making our own blood orange versions from scratch, moulding them into decadent truffles and even shaping them into British landmarks. That just takes the biscuit (or is it a cake?).


Here are some of our favourite ways to get a Jaffa fix:


1. Jaffa Cake cupcakes

These Hummingbird-inspired cakes are simply divine – filled with zesty orange curd and topped with chocolate frosting plus a mini Jaffa Cake for good measure.




2. Chocolate Jaffa Cake ice-cream

You don't need a fancy ice-cream maker for this seriously chilled dessert as it's a no-churn recipe. This is basically layers of chocolate sauce and ice-cream with frozen Jaffas in every scoop. Totally worth the brain-freeze …


3. Jaffa Cake bread pudding

What's better than a classic, creamy bread pud? One with gooey Jaffa Cakes, of course! Just look at these melted orange middles. Drool.


4. White chocolate Jaffa Cake truffles

All you need for these decadent truffles is some melted chocolate and a packet of Jaffas. Blitz your cakes in a food processor until they resemble Jaffa carnage. Roll into little balls (the messy part), add a bit more marmalade to help them stick together, and chill until set. Then drop into chocolate and cover with sprinkles. Jaffalicious.


5. Jaffa pancakes

Didn't think Jaffas were acceptable for breakfast? You clearly haven't met the Jaffa Cake-inspired pancake. A fluffy, buttermilk pancake topped with dark chocolate and orange marmalade. Nom.


6. Jaffa Cake sundae

Look, everything tastes better with a Jaffa Cake on top, OK? Especially this easy-peasy strawberry sundae.


7. Jaffa Cake and chocolate orange trifle

Three words: Cointreau-soaked Jaffas. Yes, this nostalgic pud is a total dream – spot the boozy Jaffa Cake layer peeking through the chocolate Angel Delight.


8. Make your own blood orange Jaffa Cakes

For Jaffa Cakes round the clock, why not learn how to make them from scratch? Bend the rules like The Boy Who Bakes with his delicious blood orange filling.


9. Build a Jaffa Cake Stonehenge

Creator of this 'Jaffa Henge', Dominic Wilcox, clearly wasn't taught not to play with his food … but when McVities challenges you to create British-themed art using their Jaffa Cakes, we guess it's a no-brainer. He nibbled his way through a collection of famous landmarks and boy, are we impressed.


10. Get patriotic with a Jaffa

Hello Queenie! Have a go at creating your own Jaffa art, but be warned: you might munch your way to Scotland's Loch Ness Monster or construct London Bridge on your tea break, both of which involved eating a lot of Jaffa Cakes. It's easy to get carried away …

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